Fish fillet with ginger spring onion

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The fun of cooking a table of chinese dishes has to date back to 2 weeks ago,
we’re enjoying the smoky but loving atmosphere in the kitchen,
produced few dishes including this fish fillet with ginger and spring onion.

Chicken or fish fillet with ginger and spring onion is always the selection of the night,
I escaped from dinner provided by hostel. We’re prohibited to eat or purchased outside food,
no matter when except the go-home-day. This regulation doesn’t and never stop us from
trying to eat outside, but as what my sister said regulation is setted to be broken by people,
we all were happily and enjoying to try the patient and kindness of our guardians,
and this prohibition indirectly stimulated us to be a adventurer, though outside food,
wasn’t superb (sometime we’re being risky just for a bowl of instant noodle),
but it was soooo much fun. We tried so much of method to “illegally import” food into our room,
and all your room-mate would definitely throw a wish-a-bite sight to you,
that’s the happiest moment!

I’ve never ordered fish fillet with ginger and spring onion as it is bit more pricy than chicken,
seafood always imply extravagant, no matter where we are (most obvious in restaurant on menu).
As the freshness is everything and everybody could tell if it had been stored for a long time.

Ginger, spring onion, coriander, chilis and range of herbs would be the best way to cover the smell
of seafood, as I was afraid the pre-packed fish fillet has lower quality.

I marinate the fish fillet with ginger paste, wine, and white pepper.
Pour in too much of soy sauce after slightly fried it, which finally screwed it up.
It end up tongue throwing salty.. I’m still new to kitchen, forgive me.

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