Nice 2010 – The simple life I adore

Stunning blue sea, Nice, France


When I was scrolling through the pictures under the category of Travel in Pinterest,

I saw a picture of a pair of sweet couple swinging above the swimming pool.


Stunning blue sea, Nice, France



The vacation atmosphere was so great.  It reminds me the blue sea in Nice, France.

Strolling along the beach


Sunbathing on the beach, Nice, France



The blue sea in Nice was stunning.

During the 3 days stay, we did nothing much.We would just spend a whole day holding each other hand, strolling along the beach and allow warm sea-breeze rippling over our hair.

We both were feeling so great with the sea, the scene, the waves and the humid windy weather.

Luxury hotel in Nice, France



Life and happiness can be so simple.

We did not stay in luxury hotel nor had Michelin 3 stars France cuisine. We stay in 3rd floor of a budget hostel; we climbed up and down with our big fat luggage on a narrow staircase. We had only hotdog and bread for our breakfast and dinner. But we had so much laughter and smile hanging on our face.

The BIG smile reflected on our face



It’s just simply the amazing scene that made us happy inside out.

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