[Korea 2013] The best shopping place in Seoul. No negotiate needed.


Goto Mall

Goto Mall

I am in love with Korean fashion, as well as a big fans of Korean drama.


Last week I had my pilgrimage to Korea for sight seeing and for SHOPPING. But I wasn’t good in bargaining with seller at all, the negotiating process will eventually demotivate me from buying anything. So I purposely ignore the famous Korean wholesale market in Dongdaemun and found another “no-bargain-market”– Goto Mall at Express Bus Terminal Station.


Goto Mall is one of the shopping mall in Seoul where most of the local Korean do their shopping and you seldom see tourist here. Most importantly, I assure you, without draining your energy on negotiating, you could bought a lot cheaper good quality cloth here.


Easy to find

Easy to find

It was so easy to reach by taking line 9, get off at Express Bus Terminal Station (高速巴士客运站),

and follow the the exit 8-1 or 8-2, both signboard will lead you to the Goto Mall entrance.


Here we are

Here we are

The orange color light box will tell that you have arrived at your right destination.

In another word, you may enjoy your shopping from now on.


The shopping mall where most of the local Korean will get their clothes from.

The shopping mall where most of the local Korean will get their clothes from.

Crowded with all local Korean

Crowded with all local Korean


but it was big enough for you to spend at least half day here.


Yes, it was selling at 1000 won, which is 28.30 Ringgit Malaysia.

Yes, it was selling at 1000 won, which was 28.30 Ringgit Malaysia.


The best thing is, there’s a lot of 10000won shop,

you could get anything in the shop at only 10000won (RM29),

mind you the quality might not be that premium and it could be made in China.


So my tips of shopping in Korea was only buy the cloth with price tag on,

save up my energy on negotiating (since they could have increased 3x before shouting out the price),

walk a few more shop before you start buying anything (just to find out the trend and market price),

and I would spend slightly more to get better quality instead of higher quantity.


Local food stall, to keep you energise to continue with shopping

Local food stall, to keep you energetic to continue with shopping

There was a lot hawker stall at the end of the shopping mall, you could find some traditional “fast food set” cost only 6500won, which was enough to feed two.

The set come with: Dry noodle, fried rice cake and nigiri



 The noodle was not spicy at all, but still able to trigger your appetite.



The fat rice cake babes was just so nice to eat with the sweet chili sauce.

After filled up your tummy (or just dump your mate at the hawker), you could again enjoy shopping.



This was one of the shop selling cloth with price tag on,  and I appreciate their quality & design.



All the cloth was so “KOREA”, that I think I should have bought more.

 I was kind of regret that I spent only half day there, and skipped some of the moderately high price shop,

where the cloth in the shop was so pretty that it could be sell at 2x of the Korea’s retail price in Malaysia.


Besides from Myeongdong, Goto Mall is the place that ranked top on my list of place to do shopping in Seoul. You can see the satisfied smile on my face with all my bargains and the experience.

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