Laneige 1 + 5 minutes give you a rosy glow complexion


If you have knew me long enough, you would know I am not a photogenic beauty.


I believe most of the girls out there, have their own secret in making themselves stand out of the crowd. I definitely have my way in turning myself naturally rosy glow everyday within 10 minutes time. To be more accurate a 5 minutes will be enough for a casual working day basic make up, and a 10 minutes for a photo shooting day make up. However this is not a secret, as it is so simple that anyone could materialized it at home with simple make up products.


Before we start, let’s find out what’s the flaws you really wanted to cover up.


I major skin problems are my ruddy complexion and huge dark circle. Especially after a bad night sleep,my skin turn dull and yellowish; my dark circle would make me looks tired and swollen; and all make up that I wear would easily fade or run due to dehydrated tired skin.


But I am so addicted to traveling, and you know we seldom looks as good as those artist in the trip, what to say a budget trip?! The tiredness due to traveling would never ever allow me a good night sleep, and can you imagine how would I looks after 7-8 consecutive days of bad sleep ?!!


(murmur: no girls can accept themselve looking awfully on the photo, esp. those on facebook)



So here come my secret weapon!

 Laneige Sleeping Pack_EX , The 1 minute weapon




I have been using Laneige sleeping pack_EX for more than 3 years, used up more than 3 pots.


3 years ago, I was with a company that required me to travel frequently, to be honest I enjoy the travel part a lot. But I did not aware that fatigue due to frequent travel would depress my immunity and cause dry (eventually developed rashes /eczema). So my colleague introduced me the extremely moisturizing mask – Laneige Sleeping Pack_EX.

It was so lazy to use, well I mean so simple to use, all you need is just a one minute.

Scenario 1 – Any normal day

Normal day, I apply around 2 x 20cent amount of the mask on your face, take a deep breath  and go to bed. The next day, you just need to rinse it off with water and you will find your pore shrunken and a glow complexion.




Scenario 2 – Traveling day

If I was traveling outside, I need more and more moisture to rehydrate my skin, I would apply all my basic facial products (toner, serum and moisturizer) then add on a thick layer of Laneige Sleeping Pack_EX on top of it.

That’s how I pamper my skin after a whole day long of travel and being mask under a layer of make up. So I don’t looks as if I were a backpacker although I were on a budget trip, where I walk a lot and sleep in budget hostel.


But this wasn’t enough I want more MORE!!


The 5 minutes Casual Basic Makeup


Makeup products:

Laneige Water Supreme Primer Base with a SPF 15

Q10 concealer

Cezanne compact powder

Kate crayon and liquid eyeliner

Laneige Professional Selection- water peach tone blusher

YSL Touch Eclat Radiant Touch (Extra)


Yes, this is not enough if you wanted to be perfect in the photo or to give a good impression, so I would spend another 5 minutes on the next day morning for a casual basic make up.

No matter it is a normal working day or a traveling day, wakeup early in the morning never sound sweet. So the simpler the makeup step, the shorter the time it takes. So my casual basic make up involved only 5 simple steps, which is suitable for a beginner.



After face wash and applied all the skincare products, I would start with the Laneige Water Supreme Primer Base with a SPF 15. I love this Laneige Water Supreme Primer Base so much not only for its high moisturizing and also for its even skin tones effect and giving a radiance and flawless finish.

Top left was me without makeup and bottom right was me after applied Laneige Water Supreme Primer Base.

My skin tone is prone to yellowish, so soft pink Laneige Water Supreme Primer Base will just nice to even up my yellowish skin tone. Sometimes when I was in rush, I would just apply Laneige Water Supreme Primer Base and eyeliner , then off to work with an energetic looks.




After applied Laneige Water Supreme Primer Base, I could now see my dark circle so obvious under my eyes. There I applied a very thin layer of concealer at the edge of my dark circle and used my ring finger to pat upward to slightly lighten up my dark circle (refer to picture 1).  

((note: don’t try to apply a thin layer of concealer on your dark circle, you will looks really funny after few hours))

I usually wear a thin layer of compact powder to make sure my makeup stay longer on my face and to set the concealer so to allow a naturally smooth complexion.


Eyeliner always the key of the makeup, it will bring out the MOST charming part of you. There my way of applying eyeliner is doubled it. A thicker line of crayon eyeliner would be applied above the eyelashes (picture 2), and second fine line of liquid eyeliner would fill the gap of the eyelashes (picture 3). The double layer of eyeliners could give you a more dramatic look without spending much time or effort on applying or layering eye shadow (another lazy step).  

Finally a thin smear of Laneige Professional Selection- water peach tone blusher would be applied at my cheekbone area to create a brighter and lively looks. Get a peach tone blusher if you’ve a yellowish skin tone like me, it will express your natural facial contour and adding a smell of sweetness to you.  I believe you will love it as I do!!

In addition, Laneige Professional Selection- water peach tone blusher come with a small blusher brush, which is very convenient to use and the size was just nice to slot it into your clutch which this could be really important during the trip.

((Basically, all I wanted for my makeup & skincare products are, simple, easy and convenient!Haha!!))


**For some special events I would just add on fake eyelashes, eyeshadow, YSL radiant touch and lipstick to get a more gorgeous effect. That would take around 20mins to get everything done, but with the casual basic makeup you are halfway to the professional makeup.




Now, you got my secret, let’s have a go tonight, turn on your music treat yourself a good moisturizing night with Laneige Sleeping pack_EX and show our beauty tomorrow morning with the simple 5 minutes!!



Enjoy~ XOXO

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