[Nail art] Set the sky and the grass on my nail

coral white and blue palette

coral white and blue palette

As you know, I was having a very busy month that I don’t have time for mani/pedicure, eyebrows trimming, facial and eyelashes curling. I looked so untidy and dull. Before I really feeling shame of my look, I managed to squeeze a day-off for all these girly treatment.


Besides from facial and massage, I really love doing mani/pedi-cure. Every time I got some new polish on, I would stare on it for a few minutes and it will bring my mood up.


This time I have decided to try on something a little flattering (flatter for career) for this seasons. I went to OPI in One Utama, and told them I wanted a gel nail polish with a Sundae ice-cream design ( well, I mean to looks as delicious as a Sundae ice-cream). But I end up picked a light blue and imagined the sky blue decorated with marshmallow white cloud. Here’s the outcome. Whenever I move my finger on the keyboard, I can feel the invisible breeze,  that lightened my tension. Somehow, a nail polish do more than beautify my nail, it makes me happy by just looking at it.




The other day, I was having a banana as breakfast on the way to work, the contrast of the color turn to be a perfect match. I was just of in love with the mismatch but perfect shade.



Nail polish - the bright green shade

Nail polish – the bright green shade

And of course, never forget about the bright green on my toe. It was so spring, and make all my sandals looks great. Most importantly, my skin looks fair after wear it!! 🙂

Charming green

Charming green, can you smell the Spring


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