[Weekend kitchen] The perfect waffle for breakfast

I like cooking and I enjoy it.

I like cooking and I enjoy it.

Let me introduce you to the sexy little babies, they are freshly baked waffle babies with a sprinkle of MELTED Hershey’s chocolate chips as topping. They were our Saturday morning breakfast. They all are now in our “belleh”.

Though I seldom cook, but I do enjoy occasional cooking during weekend. I would spend entire morning in the kitchen, cutting, chopping, weighing, washing, shimmering or baking. Producing a few food to go with a movie with my mate.

Yesterday, I happened to read a post with a waffle recipe, the writer said it was the best crunchy and fluffy waffle recipe, without a second though I took my Vitantonio waffle maker out from the storeroom. (It was kind of shame that I had just used it ONCE since I bought it from Tokyo last year :P)




The night before my mate brought me to Jusco to get all the ingrdient s ready, especially the chocolate chips to sprinkle on the top of the hot waffle.




I got the perfect waffle recipe from here.

The result was much better than the last recipe I follow, it is much fluffy and crunchy as described, but I think I could be much fluffier if I have folded the whipped egg white in before it turn into liquid (lesson learned, I would practise a few more time to get the perfect waffle).

This recipe makes about 6-8 waffles by using my Vitantonio waffle maker. Me and my mate’s family love the texture and taste of this recipe to go with Hershey’s chocolate chips (which melted in seconds after I sprinkled it on the top of the hot waffle, it tasted devine) and also Nutella hazelnut spread (well, Nutella just goes well with almost everything). At the same time my mate blended us a jug of papaya yakult low fat milk shake to go with the hot fluffy waffle.

Out of my expectation, we finished EVERYTHING. Though it wasn’t perfect. But we just simply enjoy the slow homemade breakfast in the morning like this. I licked my finger and planned to do it again.

If you do love crunchy yet fluffy waffle like me, just try this recipe out, you will definitely love it!!

** Also, I tried to make mo-ffle (mochi waffle. mochi –>japanese rice cake ), I would said it is just the best fusion version of waffle, quick and nice yet it taste so crunchy and springy that you can’t bear to miss it!! I gonna tried it out again!!








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