The wedding I found in a Cafe

The cafe

Sometimes, when the daily living, workload and people surrounding is eating you up, you have that feeling to be away from the crowd, be alone and slowly release all the tension within you.

As soon as the hour hand pointed to 12, I fished out my purse and walked to the new café around the corner. It was a nostalgia vintage designs café, playing soft relaxing Jazz music, and no familiar face around, all these made the environment and atmosphere idea for me.

I approached the counter, realized no hot food was served, only tea, fruit juices, coffee (chocolates?), cakes and ice cream was provided. The lady behind the counter said hot food might be in the menu some time later. I picked a slice of chocolates cakes and a cup of “wedding xx tea” (passion fruit tea), I wouldn’t have picked it if there’s a chamomile tea with a name other than “wedding xx” in the menu. I think you wouldn’t like it when you are going to have one. Well, maybe just me.


I brought the plate of cake walked pass the table to the counter bars, sitting in front of a rack of coffee making utensil, recalled the invitation from my brother to coffee brewing class. I wondered how would a coffee made by a coffee hater tasted. But looking at all the cute utensils, I think I might change my mind. Maybe I could fall in love with the smell of coffee.

When my “wedding” was served, I was amazed at the teapot and Chinese tea cup; it was sort of surprised in a western cafe.

Well, maybe I don’t need to like everything about “wedding” but there’s something would catch my heart too.

So I blanked my mind letting all the little tiny stress flew out. Physically, I was eating a slice of cake but I was mentally savoring my life. I would be here again, even only drink was served.  I will still reach satiety.



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