[Johor] Granada Hotel – 15 mins away from Legoland


Johor Bharu has always be the place that I enjoyed my business trip most. Besides from the good food and friendly colleagues, the Grand Paragon Hotel I stayed was absolutely gorgeous for a business trip. The room was spacious, clean, and the bed was sooo comfortable to beat your insomnia. Sometimes I was lucky enough to get a room with a big bath tub, that night I would fill the bath tub with warm water, pour a pack of spa powder in and immersed myself in the relaxing bath (so I always have a pack or 2 spa powder with me).

After a good spa, you could either order a room service or drag yourself to the 1st floor for their splendid Japanese cuisine. If you wanted something cheap and nice, there’s a night market just down the street on every Monday or you would go to the food court right behind Grand Paragon, they served nice grilled fish, grilled chicken and 粿條仔 Chinese food. (*Just a kind reminder, don’t walk there alone, it wasn’t that safe and the street did not have street light on)

I just love those days in Johor Bharu…



Much to my delight, last week I revisited to Johor Bharu for business again, but this time I chosen Granada Hotel over Grand Paragon Hotel. Reason? It was slightly cheaper (RM 20-30) and I wanted to try out something new (It looked pretty in the picture).

The biggest upside was Granada Hotel’s location , it was Just a 15 minutes drives to Legoland and right opposite to Jusco Bukit Indah. Although the bed was not so comfy and not so spacious as Paragon Hotel, but it just nice for a business stay.



The toilet and bathroom could only it in 1 person a time, I mean you can’t have 2 person brush together at a time or you might hit each other with your elbow. But I love the rain shower with great water pik performance, it slightly compensate me for the loss of bath tub…. XP



It was a drizzling night, I ordered room service happily, and enjoyed my “posh” dinner on the not so soft bed. I do enjoyed the stay very much though it wasn’t as pretty as the pretty my dream Paragon Hotel, but it was comfort and lovely.


Official website: Granda Hotel

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