[Dress up] Taming the formal career look with chiffon


I have never dressed myself in the formal business look (e.g.. boring stripe with black long pants and a pair of black leather pump) in my career, even in an interview. But I can never avoid to dress myself in a formal outfit to be presentable for a certain occasion. In order to meet the random “requirement”, I used to utilise some elements to tune down the serious yet restricted business look.



To have a casual business look, you will never go wrong with white blouse and colour pencil skirt. But do pay a little more attention on the white blouse, different material, cutting and design will bring you a total different style. The graceful chiffon sleeves and cute round collar give a whole new casual yet youthful image to the white blouse.

Pair with a cheerful green pencil skirt, you will find yourself looking casually confident yet professional.



That day after work, me and my mate went to Putrajaya for the hot air balloon festival. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any left in the sky as we reached there, we assumed we’re late. So we had a few photo shoot and found a Italian restaurant for tea.


The food was unexpectedly delicious.


I seldom order Tiramisu in Malaysia, as most of the bakery/restaurant was serving the mousse (I hate mousse) type tiramisu instead the real mascarpone cheese and alcohol made tiramisu. But this fusion italian restaurant served nice tiramisu, which I would recommend to my friend who are looking for a close to real taste tiramisu.

I didn’t say it was GOOD or PERFECT, as I can make GOOD low-fat-tiramisu. I used to make tiramisu in when I was studying in UK, my housemate love it so much that they would ready with their own spoon, queueing in front of the fridge and wait for my instruction. They would


Another 2 days to go before weekend, anticipating!!







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