[Home renovation] It’s English country & high style designed home

臥室奢華風   After years of viewing beautiful photos of tasteful home design, I have special feeling towards English vintage/Swedish simple style/airy beach house and etc. And finally I set my mind on the English vintage style, a mixture of country and high style design to all the space. I was lucky to have a professional interior designer—my sister in law to give me a hand, well, urm.. she did everything for me. From today onwards I will call her the sweetest person in the world.   If you’d renovated your house before, you would know how uneasy the process; you needed to get the design done, looked for supplier and constructor/workers, arranged time and schedule for each worker to start working on, supervised the progression and sometimes you may need to ensure the work go smooth by making all the worker happy (phewwww…). And most of the time, the progress would not go smooth and something went wrong, and you got to settle it right away! Gosh, I’m glad I did none of those and got my house renovated in the way as expected. Big credit to my sis-in-law. Big heart. 2 I took some picture yesterday using my G12, as I visit my new home with a set of new bed sheet. Just a brief introduction of my new home design style, will definitely post a more details after we have moved in. As what you seen, the featured picture is the photo of my bedroom, slightly extravagance English high style which never goes out of fashion.   4 6 7 3 We applied various of English design elements. Curtains instead of blinds, velvet instead of cotton for our sofa. Paneled wall and wardrobe door had created and link for the whole concept of English style. To further enhance the English style, we had added porcelain blue flower handle to all wardrobes’ door.   9 8 The shade of green in the kitchen perfectly paired with the white cabinets and does a good job of adding warmth. The white granite top of the island will be the best place for food phtography **wink**. We are actually moving in these few days, but all my belongings were still left unpack at home. I shall make a move right now for packing. Oh a happy busy day ahead.   —————————————————————————————————————————————– Looking for me??

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