[Halloween 2013] GSC Horror Fest- Creeeepy Marathon on Halloween day!!


My first year Halloween celebration was in Everland, Korea

My first year Halloween celebration was in Everland, Korea

My very first Halloween celebration was 8 years back, during the trip to Korea, in the Korea famous theme park – Everland. We (with my sister and brother) had a really good time there, and there it gave me a rather good experience of Halloween celebration.

4 years later, I studied abroad in UK, I got the chance to participate in a western style Halloween party. I was overwhelmed with the ghost, creepy drinks and festival atmosphere, I totally forgotten the photos.


Candies Gift 的超可愛手機殼

Adorable iPhone case from Candies Gift

This year, I have some kind of feeling to dress up myself and get involved in ANY Halloween Party. But sadly, none of my friends were interested, and something pop out when I almost gave up the idea and just celebrate it by buying myself a funky phonecase from Candies Gift.

So, very last minutes I got a Halloween celebration invitation, and I started to brain storm the Halloween costume. Something really AMAZING shown in the google image…

搜索 Halloween costume過程中看見這超勁爆的打扮

The best ever Halloween Costume

Lol.. I might dress myself  in that silly holy costume if I’re in UK still. It wasn’t a shame to dress up in that way, because everyone in the party is professional in dressing up, let’s look at my course-mate, He is a brilliant, isn’t he?!!


I always wonder if he paid some professional to do it for him?


I believe he bought it from Johnny Depp


What about me? Oh yes, I wanted to be Morticia Addmas in the Addam’s Family. She is a slim women always with black dress on, red lips and pale face.

879970-theaddamsfamily_01 5

But I end up with no brave; only slightly exaggerate on my eye liners.


Much to my surprise, lots and lots of attendant were dress up in the way sooooo spookyy. Oh, I should have…Arhhhh!!.. The death body frightened me, they wandered around and around, followed you as if you’re haunted. Then something caught my sight ..




Bloody flesh..but yummy

Bloody flesh..but yummy

FOOD!! The party have lots of thrilling creepy foods, like eyeballs, flesh (ham) with a death head as garnish, bloody finger (sausage), coffin sandwich and so much more… All of them were so creative! You can be a thoughtless Vampire but a vampire with brain of creative!



Besides, there’s also some activities like question answering game to win entry pass for MOVIEssss; paint tattoo; decorations and booth for horror photo-shooting…

After food, drinks and all the little activities and so many death body wandering around to immerse you in the frightened mood, the main activity was announced, which is — Horror Movie Marathon!!!!!!!

3 Horror Movies were shown continuously (of course there’s break in between for toilet and contest to win more Movie’s ticket), they are Rigor Mortis, The Second Sight and Insidious 2.


My mate was looking forward to Rigor Mortis for quite some times, it was a Hong Kong ghost movie, where all the experience actors (specialty in filming ghost movie) were gather to reproduce the 1980’s famous Chinese Vampire movie, and they even used the old song in the movie (the song in trailer).  I would say it is one of the best Vampire movies of the year, and I would definitely back in cinema with my mate again for it.

Story: The star review on Rigor Mortis 

Undeniable, Thailand always produce very good horror ghost movie that gives you numerous nightmare.  The decent storyline of The second Sight was rather astonishing and brought me horror feel that unable to get rid of in a night. Unlike most of the horror Thai movie, some humor elements were added in the movie to lighten you up. I would recommend it to my friends for the nude bloody shower scene.. Hahahah.. just kidding, but for the good Karma lesson in the story.

Story: The Second Sight 

I’m not a big fans of western horror movie, most of their movie consist high proportion of frightening elements, sound effect and nothing other than that. But Insidious 2 was something different, it was directed by the famous horror movie – SAW series and Paranormal director – James Wan, who is a Malaysian. I can’t tell much about the story, as the terrifying level was much exceed my tolerance, so I had to have my eyes closed most of the time. But do go to the link and find the storyline and support Malaysian director—James Wan.

Story: Insidious chapter 2

Now, you might curious where and when was it held at? It was an event — GSC Horror Fest, the first ever movie marathon organized by Nuffnang and ChurpChurp at GSC, One Utama. I was amazed at GSC could produce such a fun party with all the spooky/fun/creepy food, drink, decorations and activity!! I truly really love it.


So how was yours Halloween?? Did nothing? No worry, you are still not too late to dress up  for some horror movie (lol) AND GSC is having something special — a surprise box for you, who’s missed Halloween or wanted something more!! How to get it? Simple as below:

  • The first 50 customers daily will receive a free Surprise Box with every 2 tickets purchased
  • This promotion is only valid for any of these 3 movies: Rigor Mortis, Carrie and The Second Sight
  • The promo period is from 26th of October 2013 to 10th of November 2013

Hurry, grab it before the activity ends. I will definitely bring my mate there again, for the surprise box (dying to find out what’s inside) and also for Rigor Mortis!!

See you there~


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