[Weekend kitchen] Hot pot in the rainy night



We have moved in to our new house more than 2 months, but there are still a lot more to do (eg, unpacking, new furnitures and etc..). Thanks to that, we have a new activity–shopping for furniture and table-ware, to fill up our holidays or off-day.

It was another not-working-day of my mate, so as usual we went to Viva home, One Utama and Ikea for furniture hunting. The result wasn’t too bad, we got a white retro stand lamp, a walnut round table, wooden kitchen stool and some miscellaneous thing (including some decoration frames). We’re both excited like a kid and assembled all of them right back home. 

Looking at our half completed room, we smile.  Though the progression was rather slow, but just let the happiness drawing into our life at a slow pace, savor it and allow us to immerse in the happiness for a longer time.

After all, we were exhausted, I couldn’t afford to cook a big meal, and he couldn’t brought himself out for a good meal. So we decided to cook hot pot with ready to eat soup base and all the available materials in the fridge. At the end, we have hotpot (deep fried bean curd, bakchoy, sausage, fish cake and tofu), kimchi as side and leftover fried meehun. Hot pot could be a time consuming meal for its ingredients preparation, but it could be as quick and simple as preparing a soup base in a pot, throw in all ingredients and bring to boil.

Something that my mate could never forget is a good chili paste, he has a very typical Asian spicy tongue, he can’t have a meal without chili.


It reminded me the days in UK, where we had hot pot frequently due to the cold weather.


I am a Kimchi person, I think Kimchi goes well with any food or alone.




2014 New Year Resolution

The best thing that happened in 2013 was I have created my new blog “Clumsy Mel Savor Life” and get rid off the old and unorganized blog on wretch.cc (which has been closed on 26 Dec 2013). And found my new direction for my future. In this new year, I will read, write & draw as much as possible (as usual), at the same time allow more time for family, health and learn a new language (which has already started).

Quote of the day “People shall focus more on something other than working when you have earned enough for living” by Steve Jobs, which I couldn’t agree more.


Welcome 2014 !



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