[Weekend Kitchen] Chinese rice porridge for sick day

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The unpredictable weather has always the major causes of illness. My mate was one of the victim, after a few days of working under sun and rains he fell sick. It wasn’t that serious until the next day morning, he lost his appetite over the  Nutella walnut pancake I made on that morning, in order to made him take something to fill up his empty stomach, I made him a glass of Cherry milk.

After seeing doctor, I decided to cook porridge, the traditional Chinese rice porridge that we used to eat in the morning, during sick day or after a heavy meal. We believe that something light will bring goodness to our health and helps in healing.


I can’t blame him too much, as I have to confess I have some responsibility over his sick. The truth was, after a few days of working under the unpredictable weather, he brought me to a few shopping mall to pamper me and keep my companion to do grocery shopping. And all he got now was fever and a delicious meal.

I decided to make something good looking and tasty to trigger his appetite. So I cooked rice porridge added a spoonful of marinated salmon flakes and star shaped okra (lady’s finger). The okra (lady’s fingers) was added to the porridge 3 mins before it was ready to serve. It will release some mucus like juice, that will thicken the rice porridge and give a smooth texture. We love the smooth texture, don’t add it if you don’t like the sticky mucus-like-juice blended into your porridge.


To cook a soft and smooth porridge, you need sometime to boil it. I would take the time to prepare for one/two sides. I sliced the bitter guard into thin slice, saute the shallots, stir fried bitter guard with sake, mirin (a rice wine that has lower alcohol content and higher sugar content) and a pinch of salt. Fever was said to be “Heaty” in Chinese Medicine, and bitter guard was said to be cooling food to cool down the heat.

Irregardless of all other “Don’t” rules in Chinese Medicine, I boiled a salted egg for him. I believe in ONE thing, which is if you take nothing or just a plain rice porridge in your sick day, you will weakened your body due to low-nutrition from the meal. So I was boiling an salted egg just to trigger his appetite and make him eat more.



Waking him up from his dream, he slowly spoon feeding himself. Get well soon, boy.oops it is sick day   —————————————————————————————————————————————– Follow me:

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