[Weekend Kitchen] Nutella Walnut MUJI Pancake


I love to cook, but not spending a whole day and night, I prefer something quick and easy. All my recipes were simple, quick and delighting, so I could have more time to spend on dining table with books/newspaper/myself. I have no shame on preparing a meal in 30mins in the fastest and simplest way and sharing it out.


The other day I found the pancake mix in MUJI shop. I grabbed a bag and waved it to my mate, I told him most of the people had commented MUJI convenient pack (eg. Pasta sauce) was quick, easy, delicious and convertible to various food. I was drooling over the screen for years, and I was holding it in my hand. Without second though I placed a bag of pancake mix and one pack of each flavor of pasta sauce into my basket.


On the same day, with lots of excitement for the next day breakfast menu, we went for food shopping. The next day, we had this – Nutella Walnut MUJI pancake as breakfast. A breakfast you would jump into your dining stool and a big grin 😀




I followed the recipe (with English translation for the pack I got from Pavilion, but I cant find any English translation on the pack I bought from Midvalley outlet) exactly on my first attempt.



  1. Whisk an egg with 120ml of milk.
  2. Slowly whisk in MUJI pancake mix.
  3. Heat up a non-stick pan with a thin coat of oil.
  4. Pour in 3-4 spoonful of pancake mix onto the pan.
  5. Turn to low heat, and fried until the pancake mix turn golden brown.



On the first try, the pancake mix was over cook, it was burnt. But after adjusting the heat, the 2nd, 3rd and 4th was in a pretty golden brown color.




white tray



I sprinkled walnut, drizzled honey over the pancake and added a generous splash of Nutella. Garnished with a few fresh cherry, and its ready to serve.




Pancake was my childhood dream breakfast. It always appears in the western comic like Mickey Mouse, and they enjoyed it with sunshine and satisfied smile. I tried to materialize it, but it wasn’t so easy there are always lumps or the result was not so tasty.  So depressing, reality was distanced from comic/dream.


That day I finished the set of 2 pieces of Nutella Walnut Pancake. Light buttery, crisp outside and soft fluffy inside. It was divine to go with candied walnut and Nutella. I had not enough of Nutella, I dig into the Nutella jar scoop for another big spoon.


“When shall I make it again” I think.




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