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Few weeks ago, I come across an article which listed Currywurst as the worthless for a try, but most recommended “Germany fast food”. It was quite a big shock to me. Currywust is one of the famous “fast food” in Germany; sausage was boiled, fried and cut into pieces, then served with tomato sauce and generous amount of curry powder sprinkled on the top. I happened to try Currywurst once in one of the underground in Berlin, which was not from any famous Sausage stall, but they served really nice Currywurst . I would say it was a very creative and impressive dishes, curry powder didn’t taste weird with sausage but improved the flavor. I love it.




I further dig into the classification of sausage and more into Germany sausage. I was amazed to found that there are more than 1600-3600 types of Sausage available in Germany. They shared some common with Italy and others Europe countries’ sausage, but they classify their sausage in different way. Germany sausage classified into 4 main categories based on the preparing method and ingredients.


An overview of Sausage


Each of the categories has a well-known type of signature sausage such as Salami of Rohwurst, Leberwurst of Kochwurst, Fränkische Bratwurst of brühwurst and of cause not to forget the Frankfurter sausage which was available internationally. Except from Kochwurst, we tried each category, and happily discovering for a new taste.

Generally, Germany sausage could be accepted by people who have Asian stomach like me, but to play safe, I would advise you to start from grilled Bratwurst or brühwurst in any cooking method.  In my opinion, brühwurst won a lot of people’s taste bud for its crisp outside and succulent inside. When you are in love with Germany sausage already and being brave enough to start a new taste journey, you may buy a beer/wine with Salami. Finally, try out Leberwurst before all other types of  Rohwurst.

During the days in Germany, I ate sausage almost every day, went with bread roll, mustard and/or Sauerkraut. How much I miss it? Tremendously.






Franfukter sausage with bread roll and mustard.



spreadable Rohwurst.



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