[EAT] Chinese deep fried yam cake & Japanese fusion cheese cake

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Batu Pahat is a small town in Johor, I had been there for a several times for business purpose. Though 3 hours driving wasn’t a happy process but I do enjoy visiting there as they have everything I love, delicious food, friendly people and rather slow pace life.

Everyday in Batu Pahat I wake up at 7am, have a little exercise before breakfast, depart to work at 845am and reaching work place at 8am (what a perfect traffic condition, I wasted no time in traffic). I would buy myself a local snack on the way to workplace / back to hotel. Enjoyed it with books/tv program. Most of the time I brought few pieces of facial mask along and applied it before sleep. Sleep well, eat well and even did some extra maintenance, so I assume I looks better every time I coming back from vacation… oppss.. work.

This time I had to work in Batu Pahat for 5 days, besides from the usual Chinese traditional deep fried yam cake, I found a new bakery selling delicious fusion cheese cake.



After tasted a slice of Banana cheese cake in their bakery (The Provence) , I had it for 3 days in a row and bought 3 slices home on the last day. We have (from top to bottom) Macha red bean, Manago and banana cheese cake here, my favorite was the banana cheese cake. It has a very natural banana fragrance slightly added depth flavor with cheese, both flavor mingled well that everyone can easily finish their own slice without shouting too much. Macha red bean cheese cake was good as well, but banana cheese cake was doing too well that you tend to save all the room for it.



A lot of yam chunks (yummy). Sweet sauce (right top), chili sauce (right bottom).


There’s a lot of good food in Batu Pahat, cheap and whole some. This Chinese traditional yam cake is one of them, it cost only RM 2 for 3 slices. But the cooking procedure wasn’t simple, it involved stir fried the ingredients until sticky (which takes 30mins??) then transfer to a big container to steam. Cut into rectangular piece after cool down. Followed by deep fried.

I always like Chinese traditional cake (a.k.a kuih, which describe Asian cake better), like radish cake and Nyonya kuih. The yam cake from 富贵城茶餐室 (Fu Gui Restaurant ?) has more yam chunk less flour, and it taste like the real whole yam. I never forget their special home made chili sauce and sweet sauce that further enhance and bring out the freshness of yam!

I have been telling my mate how tasty it was for a really long time, and finally he had the chance to taste it. 🙂

Special room service for my mate during his working day

Special room service for my mate during his working day



 1.Provence Cake & Pastries

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No.69, Jalan Setia Jaya Utama,Taman Setia Jaya, 83000 Batu Pahat, Johor

Tel: 07-432 5628


2. 富贵城茶餐室

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GPS Coordinate: 1.8674407, 102.9471206


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