[EAT] The kiddo snack as Breakfast



We have reduced our shopping date from once a week to once a month. No sympathize, I enjoy staying at home to read under sunlight, write in an empty room or scribble on my sketchbook. Every time we went on a shopping date, I would stock up my snack cabinet (I had utilized a section of my wardrobe, turned it into my secret snack corner).


Most of the snacks were coming from Shojikiya the Japanese food store. It was piling up over months. Whenever I crave on it, it must be either after lunch/dinner, looking at my chubby face; I lost my guts to open the cabinet’s door. They were all high calorie tasty snack, I knew I couldn’t stop myself from finishing the whole box and go for another.


It was winter solstice morning, we both woke up late due to delayed sleep. Exhausted. We were expecting a reunion lunch in 2-3 hours, nothing would do better than a cookies snack platter. I opened my snack cabinet and picked a few boxes and arranged it on my half priced Laura Ashley tableware, poured 2 glasses of milk. Breakfast is ready.


I was feeling really happy for the 3 types of snack for breakfast and the festival seasons. I drank a mouthful of milk, wiped off the milk mustached, munched on the chocolate bourbon. Heaven.


A treat for the weekend and the kid deep inside me.



A “milk” type couple




chocolate bourbon

chocolate bourbon


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