[Weekend Kitchen] Falvorful Durian Popsicle recipes

recipe of durian popsicle

It was a night after our casual dinner, I craved for Durian, frozen Durian, which reminded me my childhood goodness — Neighbour Aunty made Durian Popsicle (a.k.a. Durian potong). It was made out of fresh Durian flesh filled into a plastic tube and frozen it. The texture was hard but it tasted creamy as it started to melt in your mouth. You will never have only a BITE, you will addicted to it if you’re a Durian lover like me. Of course  you will end up with concentrated Durian fragrance (a 10 times heavier smell in your mouth). 

I decided to make myself a durian popsicle, and I summarized the recipe into a cute poster (please refer to it for the method). The result was good, low fat and no added sugar, yet it still giving a natural sweet and creamy texture. I can’t love it more (with a strong durian smell)!! Ewwww…  XD

P/S: don’t forget to serve it with chestnut to add depth of flavor to the durian popsicle.




為了做冰條而買的可愛 monster university 的 popsicle molds。兩盒 jusco 售賣的榴蓮成功做出5個榴蓮冰棒!!




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