[Bali 2014] Legendary laid back vacation

Bali Vacation

Without having much time to plan and pack our luggage, mate and I had arrive in Bali. It was just a week after Hong Kong trip, I was expecting a relaxing vacation in Bali before throwing myself back into the piles of work. But I was thrilled with the crowd of tourist and taxi driver as soon as I arrived in Denpasar Airport, followed by the terrible traffic on the way to Kuta. I did not expect for this.

I felt myself tensed. It was not the relaxing Bali that I imagined. I had that though when I walking on the Kuta Beach, and the local kept approaching for business purpose. I immediately decided to leave to get some quiet breeze. Then I got what I wanted, a glass of cold drink, a bright sky decorated with marshmallow cloud and a silent moment.

I quickly realized I have sent myself to the most happening place in Bali, which I should have stayed in Seminyak, Nusa Dua, or some suburban area for what I had imagined or expected, the quiet, free, natural and relaxing.

What could be more relaxing than staying in the villa, sunbathing/swimming/reading for a whole day?

We end up staying happily in the villas in Seminyak for the rest of the days. We were happy and found the way for a wonderful vacation in Bali. Without second though, we would recommend Bali as the destination to our friend and family. Although Kuta is crowded and commercial but the luxury villa (with a reasonable price) had given us a really amazing experience.


Stay tune for the entire story of us in Bali. 🙂


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