[Bali 2014] Oh my best Spa aaah — The Lagoon Spa

Lagoon Spa 內觀

You can find massage centre  everywhere in Bali, and almost every few steps you find another one. Some even provides services by the roadside, the beach or even in the restaurant while you having your dinner. They solved all your obstacles from getting a massage service, hence I guess none of the visitor could leave without having once.And the fact is, you couldn’t bear to the though of skipping it!!

There’s tons of massage centre’s reviews on the internet, and due to the overload of information, I failed to pick up one, so I end up going to the Lagoon Spa, which was managed under the same management of my first 2 nights stay in The Bene Hotel.


Villa Seminyak Estate

I researched it before we depart and found that Lagoon Spa Seminyak located at Villa Seminyak Estate  is an exclusive spa in Bali with 10 years experience of service excellence since 2003. Well, I don’t mind if a restaurant serving just “okay” food, and I would revisit if their service was excellent! (I sometimes more of a lone ranger, and those waiter/waitress tend to ignore you when you eat alone.)

With much courtesy from the hotel, they sent us to the Lagoon Spa in Seminyak for free. You could enjoy the service with booking in advance (If I not mistaken). As soon as I arrived I was amazed by the balinese relaxing environment, so I walked around to look at the villas. And guess what, with just about USD 100, you could get a villa here during low season!!






Once we arrived at the waiting area of Lagoon Spa, cold pineapple juice was served with a cold towel. The masseuse showed us the treatments and packages they have before proceed with the picking of aroma oil and aromatic scrub to be used during the treatment. Each of the oils and scrub has different function and soothing smell, which you will need to choose one of each.




Volcanic stone was used for scrubbing

We decided to go for Double sensation treatment involved lomi lomi massage (a type of hawaiian massage) that will bring both physical and mental relaxation. The treatment started with a foot bath, our feet was put into warm flower bath and added with sea salt to help in blood circulation, then scrubbed our feet by using volcanic stone.




After the foot bath, we settled in the bed, and 2 masseuses will approach to help you tied your hair and get to the most comfortable posture on the bed before they start the lomi lomi massage. Both of they started off together, their steps and pressure was smooth and synchronised, you can’t tell there’s 2 person doing it. It was so soothing that you could fall asleep within 5 mins. Aaahhhhh~



When I awake, they have already used the chocolate scrub that I chosen just now, gently massage my entire body, then applied a thick layer of body mask for about 20mins (I don’t remember as I quickly fell slept again, LOL).




A Spa wasn’t sound complete without flower bath, so we had a good warm flower bath before shower. In Lagoon Spa, the masseuse would help you on everything, I felt like a queen there, not only assist to remove your shoes even apply lotion before you put on your clothes.





We got their Cinnamon Ginger tea recipe!!

The day end with a cup of warm cinnamon ginger tea and homemade ginger cookies. I finished them all, they are so delicious 🙂

The next day, I went back for their signature treatment — Seminyak Ritual. Seminyak Ritual massage involved Shiatsu and Balinese massage that utilised finger and palm pressure, and long stroke to help in reducing muscle tension and soreness. It would the best massage after a whole day long of water activity, it soothe the muscle pain from stress or exercise effectively. Mate loves it so much as it helped his shoulder pain (from long hours of carrying heavy camera), and saved him from the insomnia.


I personally prefer double sensation as it did a very good job at mental stress relief!!



Lagoon Spa Seminyak (official website)
Phone: +62 (361) 735959 (direct)
or +62 (361) 735566 Ext. 122
Fax: +62 (361) 735678

Villa Seminyak Estate & Spa
Jalan Baik-Baik, Seminyak, Kuta 80361, Bali – Indonesia


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