[Bali 2014] A happy start to a wonderful vacation


When I was on a trip, I could spend a few hours on walking/bus/ferry just to find the unpolluted island. But the same thing wouldn’t happen during my vacation; it has to be a layback, relaxing types of holiday.

Seminyak is a place that is so much different from Kuta Beach, and I take it as one of the perfect locations in Bali to enjoy the slow pace vacation. From the moment we left Kuta and driving into Seminyak street, the layback atmosphere immediately affected us, shaped our mood into the vacation mode.



That’s what I though as I stepped into our little villa. It was so Balinese style, cozy and comfortable, we both wanted to make it our home! The pool, the bed, the bathroom and of course the KITCHEN! Yes they have a kitchen in every villa, which the waiter will come in the morning to make you a good breakfast there.

Just to “fully utilize” all the facilities, we took the villa car went to the nearby shopping mall, and bought some food ingredients for our dinner. Mate couldn’t believe just a luncheon meat + some spaghetti ingredients would cost us USD 38, neither I could believe the bill on my hand. But I had been dreaming for a kitchen on my vacation for so long, and I finally got it in Bali. There’s nothing could stop me from cooking a meal in the kitchen, although it was not something big.



 I left the vegetables on chopping board just like that, and jumped into the pool with crazy laugh. We also had a bottle of local beer, which Mate said it was good; I had a bottle of sparkling water as usual. I DRUNK WITH THE SPARKLING WATER.



After the swimming, laughter and drinking session, we had a hot bath, a warm swim followed by a hot bath was kind of heaven! The big bath tub gave us a good 30mins before we got up for a shower and make our own dinner.



The candle light dinner came with a pretty arrangement, and here’s the dinner menu: oglio olio spaghetti, grilled luncheon meat, leftover chicken from Warung Made and drinks. Well, that’s all we could cook with the limited “fresh” ingredients and seasoning. Anyway, the romantic atmosphere and pretty environment were the key factors to our good appetite.





I wasn’t sure if it was the alcohol/atmosphere/holiday/villa/stress from work thingy has made the life in Bali so much fun that the laughter between us was ceaseless.


Life was wonderful.


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