「Dress up」The funky watermelon


It’s Friday!!

But I don’t quite feel the atmosphere due to I will be working on this Saturday. Anyway, Friday is still a casual Friday, I always a big fans of casual career wear. Today, I am wearing the silky white tops which I bought it years ago from Thailand at a very reasonable price, like about RM40? You could always get something good quality at a really good price at Platinum Mall in Bangkok, I have a several pieces of apparel from there, and still in love.

If I were to pair it with a pencil skirt, I will turn into a very business like look. No, I smirked. I picked the little watermelon, the green with white stripe linked me to the juicy yet quenching watermelon. The pretty knitted skirt reflected my untamed  naugthiness in me. I look into the mirror, I saw a bubbly little women. The reflection of me. I laugh.

I got the skirt from The Gallery , the owner was a friend that I met during my University time. I have a few pieces of apparels from there, though the price was at the high side, but the quality and the never age design worth every penny you paid.

I knew my boss might not happy with the length, well, it’s Friday, cheers boss!!






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