[Bali 2014] My dream writer’s life


I have a dream. I wanted to be a freelance writer cum “graphic designer”. I admire the life of a writer to write in the cafe, hotel or in their own messy room (and I do have a very messy room with piles of books all over).

The reason of us keep changing a place while writing was just to get inspiration on writing up without eating my brain. Everyone have their ideal place to hang around, so do I. I prefer somewhere lovely and bright with natural sunlight.

There I found my ideal place. I wish I could own it.



The last night in Bali, we moved to One Eleven. As soon as we arrived, we had decided not to step out from our villa. It was perfect. Perfect for a wonderful vacation and for a writer-wannabe. So I fall into my dream and start pretend as if I were a writer. LOL.



fresh fruit will be supplied everyday


I spent a lot of time on the food and drinks in the fridge

I will never leave my “territory” for anything when I has so much in my mind, and I tend to starve myself, therefore a “stocked” fridge is a must. And guess what, I found local fruits–Salak in the fridge! I saw it a few times but no guts to buy one to taste it, since it was here and its free, I peeled one to try. It taste a little sour, a little sweet and a little crisp with a mild unique smell. Mate and I love it, I guess we are qualified to be a Balinese (where’s the logic??)



I seldom work on my working desk, but lying on bed, floor or dining table

After moving around in the villa like a kid for more than one hour, I finally settle down, do what a writer should do.



It last about 1 hour, and I lost my though, so I had to do some reading… and it has to be with some snack. I am a real stress eater. After changing so many poses while reading magazine and newspaper to get some inspiration, the door bell rang. It was the bar tender, they come to our villa to make us some cocktails and snack, they read my mind, I do need some booster!! Then we have it by the pool, like those millionaire does in the movie.

And I realise, money is so important. LOL.



Mojito in process


long island, mojito and snack


the millionaire

If I were the writer, mate had to be the millionaire. Look at him, he was the real drama king.



dinner time


oh so nice Japanese cuisine from Shiro, will introduce it later

In the evening, we have our table booked at the Shiro for a Japanese fine dining. I had to dress up for it, just to celebrate the completion of our pre-wedding shooting. We had a toss of course.

 The food was divine, everything was perfect.


The night we have our night swim

At night, we had a swim under the stars, we played music, the atmosphere was so romantic that we felt life have never been so good. We swim, we giggled and dream that one day we would convert our house into it. I wondered if the dream could come true? Then I started to believe it will.

The villa does magic on us, a happy magic that made us believe in our life, nothing was impossible at that night.

And that night before we went to bed, we had a plate of dessert, yes nothing was impossible, we do believe that we wouldn’t gain weight with just a plate of dessert in the middle of the night. XD


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