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How much would you spend or how much could you afford for a piece of pretty gown? My budget for a piece of gown actually fall under RM 600, I was unbelievable innocent that time. I went to a few gown rental shop and I realise the budget I set was ridiculous.  The starting price for a pieces of gown cost about RM 1,100, most of the gown cost around RM 1,400 -1,700 and for the higher range of mermaid gown will cost you a RM 2,400 – 2,700. If you were to rent 4-6 pieces of gown, you could easily spend RM8,000 – 10,000 (which you going to wear for just a few hours). 

That’s why people started to purchase online, however from most of the reviews, the quality of the gown was significant different from the how it looks in the photo (heart broken). I am not going to spend a few hundred to try my luck,  as I really don’t want to be prepared to receive some rubbish cloth to pile in my wardrobe (the very negative mindset). I continue to survey and visiting a few bridal house and gown rental shop and concluded that:

Cheap = Old fashion / low quality

Gorgeous  / Luxury = Expensive

Well, this is why people always believe in expensive stuff, as the better quality stuff comes with a higher price. But I was really lucky that I do not need to apply the theory on my gown, I found a wedding dress studio in KL   providing Taiwan and Italy designer gown and evening dress (dinner dress), yet the owner is a well experienced consultant who  is really good in suggesting the perfect gown for you. I will see this as one of the most important extra services, especially to girl like me who never/rarely pick gown, you don’t know which designs could hide your tummy, make you looks thinner and prettier. She would give you really good advice that fit your needs, preferences at a really great value!

types of Gown

types of Gown (Picture from google image)

With the help of the owner, I took only a few hours (like 2 hours?) and got my dream piece 😀



The Silk white laced long trumpet gown never failed to give a glamour outcome.

We end up wearing this the silk white laced long trumpet gown in our pre-wedding photo. It was glamour. And you can’t believe I spend just RM 988, as I wished. 🙂


Silk white re-embroidary laces


The beautiful  Sabrina lace.


In fact, we visited The Gown was to get a gown for our clients, but I ended up trying happily in the fitting room. The following gown was the piece that our client had chosen. The dress was full of delicate lace and beading, which was only can be found on luxury gown!

And if you wanted a really long tail for photo or march in during dinner, here’s the one

The little princess white ball gown is always the best dress for actual day that you wait for your love one to pick you up like a princess in the room.

This is the type of evening dress that you can find it on the famous artist walked on the Oscar’s red carpet. Simple but glamour !

Also, some sweet color that all bride might love to have for their photo shoot.


I did not have the chance to try all of above (as they are the new arrival for 2017), if you wanted to know more you may visit to Ivory White Bridal website. However, not all of them are featured on the website, you may have to pay a visit if you are looking for budget but luxury gown.


I found another gown rental shop providing the very similar long trumpet gown I wore for my pre-wedding photo shooting,  it cost RM 2,400. However Ivory White Bridal cost onlyRM 988 for their luxury Taiwan and Italy designers gown !! 

There’s a lot of people wanted to seek for DIY pre-wedding photo shooting (rent your gown, hire your own perfect photographer and set your own style and theme), but due to the cost of gown rental, they changed their mind and go to bridal house. Now you have no worry about the cost of gown, as the Gown is offering the package as following:

1 piece RM 988

2 pieces RM 1688

3 pieces RM 2188

The following piece will be 600/piece.

For a Chinese traditional wedding,  you could settle it with just 4 pieces of gown (1 piece for pre-wedding photoshooting, 1 pieces for wedding actual day tea ceremony and 2 pieces for wedding dinner). If you wanted to have more variety in your pre-wedding shooting every extra piece after the 3rd pieces would cost you around RM 600 . I personally prefer the casual wear type of pre-wedding photo, so I took only one piece for shooting, and just that piece I felt half dead due to the hot weather (that I kept sweating) and the gown was really heavy, so think twice if you seriously wanted to take more than pieces of gown for your pre-wedding shoot.


Update 09/02/2017: Ivory White Bridal is now sharing a shop with MJK Photography at Jalan Kuching, and they have bring in more gowns for better services, you may make appointment with them now!



Ivory White Bridal (Facebook)

Ivory White Bridal (website)

Whatapps/Contact: 019-3210 268

Email: info.ivorywhite@gmail.com



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