[Wedding] Pre-wedding photo shooting in Bali


After a 6 years of relationship, we got married. Just like most of the couple we had our pre-wedding photo shooting about 2 months before our Chinese wedding ceremony, it was taken place in Bali, with our choices of photographer and gowns. We do not need like 100 pieces of 100 different poses, but we wanted just a few pieces of sweet and natural photo that could last forever.

Hence, I have just a piece of gown, a piece of evening dress (that I wore on my sis wedding), a piece of beach dress and 3 pairs of shoes, and there we flew to Bali.

It was a really hot and humid day when we having our shooting in the Mangrove. I got impatience after an hour, and felt like to get rid of the pretty but devil gown (thick and heavy become a cons when you are doing it in the Asia country). Mate was behaving rather good, as if he was the girl who longing for photo shooting. He used to be a patience and good partner all the while, which remind me of my mom. Our relationship wouldn’t last if he has my personality (which gonna have too much fights) or if I has his personality (which gonna be no fight at all), life would be really boring if I do not pick up fight at all. I did most of the things that man did, and he did all of the things that a women did. I mess up the room, he clean and tidy it; He love surprise, and I gave him “surprise”; and etc. It was a really comfortable relationship that we once lost ourselves, but we glad that we able to find out own way and move forward.

I was really happy to be able to get married to him. My friend once said, I used all my luck to found him. and I do agree.






I was really romantic to shoot under the sunset (though mate sprained his back, LOL).


It was a really different experience from the time we did our own DIY pre-wedding photo shooting in Korea, Seoul and U-do Island (韓國自助婚紗拍攝首爾篇濟州島篇),and my mate got the chance to appear in the photo more, but still a small character that show only quarter of his face, haha.




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