[Wedding] Every girl’s dream gown, glamorous gown from France & England


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Having seem a variety of wedding gown from a few bridal house, wedding gown rental shop or sometimes from the magazine or tv show, my favourites wedding gown design always goes to European style. I especially admire their unique embroidery, fine lace and high quality silk or satin. The european style gowns are simple on the rack but it does magic on every girl, it able to transform Cinderella into glamorous princess on the precious night. That’s why European style wedding gown has always been the Dream of ever girl for their wedding day.

So do I.



I couldn’t believe I got the chances to wear it on my wedding dinner, yet they are not local designed European style gown, but the fully imported Annie Loiseau’s wedding gown from France and England. All the gown was picked by the lady boss — Catherine, she is a graceful and elegant lady. Most of the fine selected European gown were carefully kept & displayed in the glass cabinet, with the lighting, all the gown was such a beauty that you would have toe urge to try them all!

Annie Loiseau is a new bridal house that I would passedby every day on my way home. It had caught my eyes since it opened due to its pure white English vintage exterior design. For the first time when I stepped in, I found it was a bridal house that providing gown really different from the usual bridal house. You would find a lots of fine embroidery, high quality laces, silk and satin, and the very classic European style gown. It was like walking in a wedding gown shoe. All I could do was, ooh– and aaahh– in me.

If you couldn’t get the gown that fulfil your requirement after visiting  a few Bridal house/Gown rental shop, you should have make an appointment with Annie Loiseau now!


A cup of vintage served on your arrival

Catherine is not only passionate in gown but also pre-wedding photography. Therefore, they are not only providing high quality European gown for the brides and custom made attire for grooms, they also collaborate with a few famous photographers from Taiwan. In addition, Annie Loiseau collaborate with famous online bridesmaids dress shop–Twenty3, you would find the popular Marilyn Monroe dress displayed in the shop.


The groom’s attire


The first piece I have tried the white sequin mermaid gown. It look pretty normal when Shirly recommended it to me, but the effect under the light was amazingly shining in an elegant way.



The second piece was very French style mermaid gown, it has silver embroidery with some sequin. It did a really good job at making you the spot and slimmer!



nude back


The third piece is a French style soft satin with re-embroidery laces mermaid gown (I personally prefer mermaid gown, so I have picked all mermaid gown). The beauty always hidden under the details, I really like the laces, and I am sure it would looks really good if you dance in it 🙂



the re-embroidery

If you not a fans of mermaid gown, no worry, they have a variety of gown and their personal consultant would advice you based on your preference, style, body shape and height. I have no difficulty in picking my dream piece within a few hours 🙂

Queenie 很好的幫我做了個盤發來配搭晚裝

Queenie the makeup artist helped me on the hairdo, for better outcome

baby blue色系的晚裝實在南尋,而且材質堅挺,非常好看,不過吃太飽的我別氣得好辛苦。

The baby blue evening dress

Initially I was aiming to get a piece deep blue/green evening dress, but I changed my mind very soon after I saw the baby blue and the peach colour evening dress. Baby blue evening gown is quite rare in Malaysia (at least I haven’t seen one until today, if you did, you are really lucky). I particularly like this classic English style, I could imagine myself back in UK right away (well, I need a wide brim hat).



the nude back



If you’re a girl like me who has a yellowish skin tone, you should pick this pastel peach color evening dress, it did a really good job at making our skin fairer. And more importantly, this pastel peach sequin and beads was made with very soft cloth that it fit your body shape well (but covered your excessive body fat), showing a silhouette body shape. Besides, due to the materials used the dress was really comfortable pieces, as you know some of the sequin and beads would make your skin itchy or redness, it did not happened at all.

I would show you the photo of my wedding night soon later, I’d received really good comment for the 2 pieces of gown I wore on that night from all my friends and relatives, I felt really proud and happy!

Thanks for giving me such a beautiful night 🙂


Annie Loiseau (Official website. Facebook)

Address: 95 & 97, Jalan SS 2/75, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Tel: +60 3-7865 1942

email: info@annieloiseaubridal.com.my


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