Taipei Getaway: A refreshing stay in the City, The Tango FuHsing



There’s plenty to do, to see and to eat in Taipei. However, a getaway wouldn’t be complete with a good stay to get yourself refresh and revitalise your body and soul before heading back to home country, and work.


A getaway is mean more than a trip to me, it doesn’t need have a well planned itinerary, but I am very particular in the accommodation part. I enjoy traveling around and staying in different hotel, sometimes I might having the time to travel outside Kuala Lumpur, I would spend a weekend in a Hotel in KL, I just love the feeling of staying in hotel that would bring me away from the reality for a moment and relieve my stress from work and living.





The Tango FuHsing located in the heart of Taipei, just a few minutes walk to the nearest tube station, and a few tube stop away from the attraction. But it wasn’t the main reason to bring me to The Tango. I am in loved with the hospitality of the hotel, they’d prepared everything to satisfy everyone’s personal needs, you could just bring your clothes and stay in the hotel with a peace of mind.






As soon as i walked in the my room, I make a pot of tea, couldn’t believe they have prepared high mountain tea and freshly made cookies in the room for your tea time pleasure. I played my favourite music on the iPhone pod and charged my phone at the same time.

The handmade cookies was too delicious that I couldn’t help to finish it to go with tea within few minutes. But no worry, you could always get more from second floor cafeteria (also the breakfast lounge in the morning), if you always feel peckish in the afternoon, you may also help yourself with the fruits and sandwich which they prepared for the guest. That’s why you could always find me there in the afternoon. LOL






If you’re a coffee lover, I bet you will be happy with the illy coffee machine in the room, there’s variation of coffee capsule provided in the room. If you neither a tea lover nor a coffee lover, you could help yourself with any drink in the fridge, they are all free!! Yet all of them will be replenished.





I am kind of a traveler who love traveling but who can tolerate with undesired smell in the water in foreign country. It was really kind of them to prepare us 2 bottles of FIJI water everyday. From here you could feel their caring to all the traveler with different preferences in living style.




It surprised me that the room is equipped with Micro-oven! 

Wait no more, we rush down to the convenient stall just a few step away from hotel, bought a few ready to eat food and back in our room. We heated the food using the micro-oven to go with MOVIE! Yes, they have uploaded a series of MOVIE in the television and you could watch the movie as if you’re in Cinema, as their sound system was amazing.

I promise, you wouldn’t want to leave the room as you entered. Look, what I found in the bathroom?!






It is not just a bathtub, it is a nano-bubble jacuzzi bathtub, by pressing a button, you could convert the water in the bathtub to nano-bubble. These nano-bubble would helps to maintain a healthy and smooth skin by removing the death skin and allow the body cream that you applied to penetrate and moisturise your skin.

No worry about falling asleep in the bathtub, you could always on the television in front of the bathtub.

“Why would I think about going out, when I could enjoy so much here?” I though when I was soaking myself in the nano-bubble bath.






As what I said, it was difficult for us to leave the room once we entered. We stayed in the room for the whole day.

The next morning, we have all these delicious food waiting for us in the breakfast lounge. They have serve a range of good quality food, it may not a huge quantity of choices, but the taste and freshness of the food would definitely make you a good start to the day. We have eaten different food for throughout the stay, I even had some bitter guard soup to go with rice in the morning, could you believe it?!





Another facilities that surprised me was the TOTO toilet bowl which was build-in with washlet and fully automated system that you will never need to use your hand to touch the toilet bowl at all. How good it was, especially for those people like me who are not willing to touch toilet bowl for hygiene reason.

Last and not least, what I couldn’t miss was the cleanliness and the comfy bed they provided.

I believe most of the people concerned most on the cleanliness and comfy of the bed, so do I. With so much of facilities and consumable in the room, they managed to keep it all in very clean and tidy condition. The bed was one of the best bed I ever sleep in hotels, I had really good nights.

Undeniable I spend more on accommodation while traveling, but good rest will make a superb trip, don’t you think so?








I would definitely like to come back for a stay!!




THE TANGO GROUP (official website)


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